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Monday, November 06, 2017

We have developed a wide variety of specialized applications for businesses, schools and government organizations based on our Flexilogic® intelligent server technology. Here is a brief sampling:

  • Flexilogic® - A new way of thinking about software™. Our Intelligent Server technology uses "flexible logic®" to "bend" to the user. Benefits include enhanced user interface, ease of use and little or no training.
  • Flexi-shop - Intelligent e-commerce/e-catalog.
    Loaded with features. The ideal launching pad for your internet marketing presence.
  • EMRS - Electronic Maintenance & Requisition Tracking System designed for Public Schools and large organizations. Automates every facet of the maintenance and requisition system.
  • SIS - School Information System. A single point of access for everything a student, parent or teacher needs to know. Homework, School Events, Lunch Menus, Class Schedules all available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week in a secure intelligent environment.
  • i-survey - Intelligent surveying software allows for unlimited testing, surveying and data collection via the internet. The i stands for intelligence - allowing the survey to pose new questions based on previous responses.
  • Where2go.com® - the "smart e-business directory" is an open public demonstration of our intelligent server technology. Where2go.com is currently ranked in the top .0001% of most popular sites on the web.



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