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Monday, November 06, 2017

For Immediate Release
March 1, 2006

HLI Corporation divests HLI Systems and changes it name to Flexible Logic, Inc.

For nearly a quarter century, HLI Corporation has provided robust solutions to complex problems including software and websites based on our Flexible Logic® technology. As we embark on our twenty fifth year, we are re-dedicating ourselves to our primary vision of creating innovative software and intelligent marketing solutions.

With this enhanced focus comes a new corporate name: Flexible Logic, Inc. In addition to our name change, we are limiting our core service offerings to application development and marketing consulting services.

To facilitate this change, and provide the best service to our customers, we have divested HLI SYSTEMS. Effective March 1st, 2006, HLI SYSTEMS and HLI.NET will be owned and operated by VC Technology Solutions, Inc.

This is an exciting change with numerous benefits for all.
Customers of HLI Systems will gain additional seasoned field technicians, ready to provide their organization with a wide range of professional IT support services. Those hosting with HLI.NET will gain a new, world-class datacenter, new high-performance servers and redundant fiber backbone connections. In addition to hosting Flexilogic® applications, this new datacenter allows HLI to offer a host of innovative solutions including e-commerce and database applications and managed network services (security, server and remote backup) plus voice over IP and much more.

Most importantly, by divesting HLI Systems and HLI.NET, Flexible Logic is free to focus all of our energy and creativity on continuing to develop and improve our proprietary technologies and website properties including where2go.com, the leading e-business directory.

We are very excited about our future! We are at the fore-front of distributed intelligence and are working diligently on some extremely innovative, ground-breaking, applications. Flexible Logic® is surely a technology to watch!

Flexible Logic, Flexilogic and Where2go.com are registered trademarks of Flexible Logic, Inc. Flexible Logic, Inc is a privately held California Corporation with a twenty-five year legacy of innovative solutions.



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