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Monday, November 06, 2017

Flexilogic® is our intelligent server software.

By making the server "smart" we can teach it to "bend" to the needs of the user thereby eliminating complex commands and unrealistic demands on its human users.

This software lends itself ideally to Internet and Intranet sites including smart web-sites, management, tracking, surveying, teaching and e-commerce applications.

The software builds web-pages and forms on the fly based on user input.

Whether you have a product catalog or management application, the benefits are enormous. Imagine the time and cost required to maintain an on-line product catalog of even a hundred items using static html pages. With Flexilogic® technology all maintenance is done via your web-browser. Updates are instant and you can set time/date sensitive changes that happen automatically such as sale prices, out-of-stock substitutions or even automatic sales add-on recommendations.

The possibilities are endless and all without any html programming - saving your organization thousands of hours & dollars. To learn more about our Flexilogic® software we encourage you to contact us.



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