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Monday, November 06, 2017

EMRS - Electronic Maintenance & Requisition Tracking System was originally developed to address the needs of public school districts; however, it will work equally well in enterprise organizations that need to streamline their requisition & maintenance system.

Based on our Flexilogic® technology, the system automates all aspects of the maintenance and requisition system including automatic routing of reqs based on predetermined rules, budgets and users.

The system tracks all activity with automatic notification of reqs that require attention. The system is extremely flexible and utilizes a set of rules for routing, approval and assignments.

Detailed reporting and analysis is offered including budgeting and performance data. The system even tracks serialized assets with a complete repair history which can also be queried as a knowledge based to make future problems easier to diagnose and repair.

EMRS is licensed on a per-district basis. It runs on either Microsoft Windows-NT or Unix servers. The current release is optimized for Microsoft SQL-7, however it supports any ODBC compliant database.

To learn more about EMRS or to schedule an on-line demo, please contact us.



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