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Friday, August 12, 2016

Flexible Logic is the realization of a vision - creating tightly integrated systems that are intelligent making them extremely easy to use and maintain.

To fulfill it's promise technology must accommodate it's users. Far too often, the human is forced to bend to the technology. The result is an inefficient "system" that is error prone and unstable. Flexible Logic was born out of a decade of user interface research done in the real-world. We realized that for a system to live up to it's full potential it must cater to the user. The result, if properly engineered and implemented, is an extraordinary robust system where human and machine work together in near perfect harmony. That is the promise of Flexible Logic.

A short bit of history on how we got here:

Twenty five years ago our founders Douglas Lochner and Patricia Hitchcock began an integrated marketing solutions company. Initially named Marketing Resources. In 1982 the company moved to California and incorporated as HLI Corporation. For the next decade they concentrated on saturation marketing campaigns for fortune 500 companies.

Back when computers were the size of washing machines, in addition to marketing consulting services, we began providing innovative software solutions . The result was HLI Systems. Over the past 25 years HLI Systems serviced a wide variety of organization including NASA and the US Government.

In 1994, under the guidance of Mr Lochner, the company began developing an entirely new breed of software, designed specifically for the internet.
In 1995, well before database driven web sites were the norm, we launched www.where2go.com, a technology demonstration of what smart software could do for the web. Where2go.com has grown (with no benefit from marketing or advertising) to be the oldest and largest membership based e-business directory on the web. Visited by millions of users each month, where2go is a unique, rich-data business directory with robust, yet to be duplicated, multi-conditional search capabilities.

Over the next decade we continued to offer both marketing and computer consulting services to a wide range of organizations. We also branched out into web application hosting services under hli.net.

In the spring of 2006, to allow us to concentrate on our primary vision of creating intelligent systems, HLI.NET and HLI Systems were divested and our company was renamed Flexible Logic, Inc. (see press release for full details).

We have the experience, vision and insight to look at the big picture and create an truly integrated solution. Since 1982 we've specialized in cost-effective, high-performance solutions to complex business applications such as marketing, customer relationship management, demand generation, direct selling and electronic publishing. We are experts at building high-performance "smart" internet based applications.

Our extensive background in design, psychology, marketing and the arts, combined with a truly creative and innovative approach to software and systems, has allowed us to excel where others have failed. If you want to leverage the true power of integrated technology for your organization we'd like to talk to you.

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